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How do I write a C program which gets the client input for MySQL server? I'm using Fedora as my OS.

Here is my code:


    char name[25];
    MYSQL *conn;
    printf("Enter your name:");
    mysql_query(conn,"CREATE TABLE Users(name VARCHAR(25))");

    mysql_query(conn,"INSERT INTO Users VALUES(name)");
    //mysql_query(conn,"INSERT INTO Users VALUES('Farhan')");
    //mysql_query(conn,"INSERT INTO Users VALUES('Dileep')");
    //mysql_query(conn,"INSERT INTO Users VALUES('RAJIV')");


I want the client input to be stored in MySQL database and not the constant values.

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Try sprintf'ing the name into your query, something like this:

int len = query_len + name_len + 1;
char * insert_query = (char *) malloc(len);
snprintf(insert_query, len, "INSERT INTO Users VALUES('%s')", name);

However, you'll need to take some care when checking the buffer lengths and especially escaping the name string.

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While compiling it shows that Query_len and name_len is undeclared... – user780535 Jun 2 '11 at 10:58
Thank you,got idea... – user780535 Jun 6 '11 at 6:24

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