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I am writing a Gmail Contextual Gadget, and in order to authenticate the user correctly on the server, i need to know their full email address (john@googleapps.com).

I can retrieve the domain (googleapps.com) but not the username.

Using the content extractors I can get the 'To' field on the email, the only problem is if there are two users on the same domain emailed (ie john@googleapps.com and james@googleapps.com).

Any thoughts?

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You need to implement SSO (single sign-on) within the contextual gadget. When the contextual gadget loads it passes the opensocialid of the user. You have to maintain a correlation between the user emailid and user opensocialid in your local database and do the identification by opensocialid lookup.

Read here for more details: http://code.google.com/googleapps/marketplace/best_practices.html#gadget_sso

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