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I want to get the cellid,mcc,mnc,lac data of mobile for any device like nokia,motorola,samsung i had google it and able to found it for sony..But cant able to find it for samsung ,nokia,motorola.

For sony erricson device i had used the below:-

    String cellid = System.getProperty("");
    String mcc = System.getProperty("");
    String mnc = System.getProperty("");
    String lac = System.getProperty("");

please help me

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See this article, How to get CellId and other Imformation from mobile phones via J2ME.

Also read this wiki article.

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thanks bhakki.i had already tried this.But i did not able to get the cell id of the device like samsung,LG.So i think bu using this it will get the cell-id of any perticular device only like sony-erricson,nokia. – ios developer Jun 6 '11 at 5:43

For Nokia use app called 'cellspotting'.


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