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I am trying to create a Flot pie chart with a link in each wedge, so I can direct users to the appropriate details page on clicking.

There is already a similar post at With flot, how can I create a linked pie chart that takes you to other web pages?. I tried the answer on that page with with Flot 0.7 to obtain pie wedges with hyperlinked labels. However, series.URL returns "undefined" in the labelFormatter function. How do I resolve this issue?

On a side note: Its my first time posting here. I tried to ask this obviously related question at the link above so I don't create a new question for the same issue. However, it was deleted by the moderator. Wouldn't it have helped other users reading that post who suffered from the same issue to find a resolution? Not complaining, just trying to understand the rationale (have read the FAQs/Guidelines for asking questions..) behind the deletion.

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If you follow the code in your linked question, they get quite close to what you want. The problem (which trips up many people) is that the item in the plotclick function is not the same as the series object in your raw data. What you can do though, is refer back to your raw data using item.seriesIndex in plotclick:

//setup options
//setup data
var data = [
    label: "Serie1",
    data: 10,
    url: "http://stackoverflow.com"},
//call plot
//setup plotclick
$("#placeholder").bind("plotclick", function (event, pos, item) {

I don't have it following the link, but that should be easy for you to do.

Here is some sample code in full: http://jsfiddle.net/ryleyb/pq4Q4/

Side note answer: Generally they would prefer you ask a new question instead of piling into an old question with new sub-questions. Especially in an "answered" question (I put answered in quotes because it doesn't seem that they came to a full answer, so I can see your confusion).

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