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In a Sharepoint there is a SPList that I should check if a name of field exist. (If exist I add content, if not exist I do something else)

Now I'm doing that:

SPListItemCollection listItems = spList.GetItems();
SPFieldCollection spFieldCollection =listItems.Fields;
foreach (SPField field in spFieldCollection)
     String name = field.Title;

     if (name == "nameField") {
         return true; // Exist

that works ok, except if the list is empty. How can I check if a name of the field exist before add content to the list?

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Just check on the Fields property on the SPList:

SPFieldCollection fields = spList.Fields;

Use the method ContainsField to check if a field exists:

return spList.Fields.ContainsField(fieldName);

fieldName Type: System.String A string that contains either the display name or the internal name of the field.

SPFieldCollection.ContainsField Method

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