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Inline functions in C++


void func1(){

inline void func2(){


void func3{    

for func1, we say that after everything has been compiled, linker uses the address of func1 to make a call to it. For func2, as it is inline and defined in foo.cpp, compiler will not get the it's definition to replace func2 call but inline functions also have addresses then why can't linker use this address of func2 to link its call and gives the error of unresolved external?

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You need to define a common header file like foo.h which you have to include into boo.cpp. This file might look like this:

void func1();
void func2();

in boo.cpp you include this file with include "foo.h".

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That's not enough. –  Jan Hudec Jun 2 '11 at 8:34

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