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i was wondering how i can build a json response from a value object?

I want to return clear json, only the field i need in the front-end. Which means: All associations should be included in the json. But again: only the fields I need. This i why i would like to use a special value object (defining the field) on top of my models.

Is this a good idea? How to build value objects (VOs) with rails?

Thanks for helping

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Of course it's possible. Look here:

Here is an example:

konata.to_json(:only => [ :id, :name ])
# => {"id": 1, "name": "Konata Izumi"}

As you're talking about associations:

konata.to_json(:include => :posts)
# => {"id": 1, "name": "Konata Izumi", "age": 16,
  "created_at": "2006/08/01", "awesome": true,
  "posts": [{"id": 1, "author_id": 1, "title": "Welcome to the weblog"},
            {"id": 2, author_id: 1, "title": "So I was thinking"}]}
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konata.to_json(:include => :posts) what does that mean? is posts a relationship of konata ? –  choise Jun 2 '11 at 8:55
yes it is. has_many here –  apneadiving Jun 2 '11 at 8:59
doesn't it answer? –  apneadiving Jun 2 '11 at 9:38

This one sounds interesting: http://fabrik42.github.com/acts_as_api/

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