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when reading Eckel's Thinking in Java, I found design for controlling Greenhouse. It really struck me, since he was mentioning in comment lines "here put the hardware code for controlling light" and stuff, and I want to know - how would I make such a simple thing, as controlling physical light, or traffic light with Java program?

How would I connect light to PC and power it, through software control?

I believe assembly language with some microcontroller is the way, but I do not intend to learn assembly language yet, so I want to know if there's possibility to do this with Java?

Thanks, M.

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Sorry, I probably didn't provide precise description - what am I aiming for is to replace those "//here put the hardware code" with some real hardware code that would control the lights. How can I do that? –  stejkenzie Jun 2 '11 at 9:42

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I've recently been playing around with Arduino. It's not too difficult to write a Java program which talks to the board over serial, with the board controlling motors, leds or the like. The Arduino programming language is quite simple and based on C so with some java knowledge this should be straightforward.

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Another example is KNX, a binding for it is part of openhab.

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Yes, I would use openHAB, too. But maybe with Z-Wave. –  smartmeta Sep 13 '13 at 7:14
Does openHab have a stack exchange page or similar? –  Another Compiler Error Feb 25 at 17:44
None that I'm aware of, but the Google group is quite active. –  Heri Feb 26 at 0:01

I googled this a couple of months ago. Found something called X10 and this site. Might be a start for finding more information about controlling light etc.

http://x10controller.sourceforge.net/X10Client/index.html http://www.x10.com/homepage.htm

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Calimero NG is API develop on java for homo control.

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