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I'm using Delphi and need to get the current Windows DNS server IP address so I can do a lookup. What function should I call to find it? The only solution I have right now does an ipconfig/all to get it, which is horrible.

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Found a nice one using the function GetNetworkParams().Seems to work quite good. You can find it here:

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Do you really need to know what is DNS server to do a lookup?

Here is a solution how to get a IP address using 2 functions: GetHostName and GetHostByName. I assume the GetHostByName function does the lookup you need for you, or am I wrong?

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I'm wanting to get the DNS server so I can do an MX lookup. The code you link to seems to show how to find your own IP? – mj2008 Sep 15 '08 at 10:57
Yes. I assumed you wanted just a name->IP lookup, so gave you the GetHostByName function :) – kender Sep 15 '08 at 13:39

See GetNetowrkParams method (Platform SDK: IP Helper)

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