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hi I am using Jtidy parser to fetch the image in java.

URL url = new URL("www.yahoo.com");
  HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
  InputStream in = conn.getInputStream(); 
  doc = new Tidy().parseDOM(in, null);
  NodeList img = doc.getElementsByTagName("img");
  ArrayList<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();
  and I have used the following code to get the height & width of image.
  URL url = new URL(imageUrl);
  BufferedImage img=ImageIO.read(url);
  int imgWidth=img.getWidth();
  int imgHeight=img.getHeight();

I am getting 'Premature end of JPEG file'.Please tell me why this isuue is getting & how to fix this issue.

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The obvious answer is that the JPEG file you are downloading is truncated or otherwise corrupt. If that is not the case you will need to be a bit more precise about where the error is occurring, and perhaps provide a code example that actually compiles. Is it relevant that you are using JTidy to fetch the image? Does the same error occur if you put in the URL by hand? –  Ben Jun 2 '11 at 12:07
Also, have a look at the URL which JTidy outputs. Maybe it is something else than what you expect. –  Paŭlo Ebermann Jun 2 '11 at 18:53

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