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I am trying to test Healthvault Java API with Maven and Jetty.

I am trying examples ui-sdk and ui-jaxb

i can login to the HV but once i login and revert back to my local server my local server display following error

WicketMessage: Can't instantiate page using constructor public
and argument target = "[AppAuthSuccess]" wctoken = "[ASAAAAc0l5GS909AhtAG6llej2Ue+qDSLBETgLGSAuLKoLK+9lWhHNNH4w4W0/5jr78FH1ooBhTT4q8CAC/Ukjl6fO52Kq/ksk0t8RdN5WZQZNZW99THGoJLZntv7TRB6hY774q2hsj5yehy6FYERKDYVaUGpc3R5r+hb7seX8AvmildfDeB4iP4EOu3aEug5JTuWg==]" 
actionqs = "[/]"Root Connection timed out: connect     at Method)     at     at     at     at

Any one help me is this because of Proxy or Certificate ?

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It is because connection is made to host and port, which is not actually listening.

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what is the solution! i tried to set proxy but its not working – Rajmahendra Jun 2 '11 at 11:31
what you are actually trying to do? where is the server running? who is creating the socket? Are the connection properties properly set? – Ramesh PVK Jun 2 '11 at 11:34

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