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have anyone used this before, i need free country, city, IP database for sqlserver

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ipinfodb provide free geolocation data for MySQL. With a simple database translator, you can put it into different database, since the table structure is simple. They also provide data in CSV format, that will be easier to imported to different database engine.

The data is based on free version of MaxMind, and it's updated every month. They also provide free API, if you don't want to store the data in your server. The accuracy is decent and enough for normal website usage.

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they no longer provide the db – Alessandro DS Jan 9 '12 at 23:10

I have used . It is a less exact version of their paid database. The free database claims to be "over 99.5% on a country level and 79% on a city level for the US within a 25 mile radius". You can see their accuracy detailed at

The data is presented as a CSV file containing the starting IP block, ending IP block, and the location. It is easy enough to load into sqlserver.

APIs in C, C#, PHP, Java, Perl and the free version, GeoLite, has an IPv6 version in addition to the downloadable CSV Format.

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If you need to find the location of the current user based on their IP address, then you could try the Google Geolocation API, in particular google.loader.ClientLocation.

Check out the Google API docs for more info:

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+1 'cause that's right, but in my experience it very often has no idea where you're from. At least it tells you when it doesn't know. Seems to be better IDing residential things than commercial. – Jason Cohen Oct 11 '09 at 5:16

See this

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See database here -

They have countries / cities ddatabase for Microsoft Sql Server. Here code -

CREATE TABLE countries (
  countryID varchar(3) NOT NULL,
  countryName varchar(52) NOT NULL,
  localName varchar(45) NOT NULL,
  webCode varchar(2) NOT NULL,
  region varchar(26) NOT NULL,
  continent varchar(15) NOT NULL,
  latitude float NOT NULL,
  longitude float NOT NULL,
  surfaceArea float NOT NULL,
  population int NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (countryID),
  UNIQUE (webCode),
  UNIQUE (countryName)

  cityID int NOT NULL,
  cityName varchar(50) NOT NULL,
  stateID int NOT NULL,
  countryID varchar(3) NOT NULL,
  latitude float NOT NULL,
  longitude float NOT NULL,
  UNIQUE (countryID,stateID,cityID)
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Check this free world cities database

Includes city, region and country.

MySQL format file to download with three tables, country, region and City. Country schema

PRIMARY KEY (`countryId`)

INSERT INTO `country` (`countryId`, `code`, `name`) VALUES(1, 'ad', 'andorra');
INSERT INTO `country` (`countryId`, `code`, `name`) VALUES(2, 'ae', 'united arab emirates');
INSERT INTO `country` (`countryId`, `code`, `name`) VALUES(3, 'af', 'afghanistan');
INSERT INTO `country` (`countryId`, `code`, `name`) VALUES(4, 'ag', 'antigua and barbuda');
INSERT INTO `country` (`countryId`, `code`, `name`) VALUES(5, 'ai', 'anguilla');
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You can find the Mysql Database from here too...

Suggestions always welcome...

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