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Can someone help me to run a JBehave story? I've got a Maven project in Eclipse.

The story is:

@author Nikolay Vasilev
@bdd-talk: BG JUG

Scenario:  Validating BMI calculator

Given a body mass index calculator
When a doctor populates health record of a patient with mass 90 kg and 175 cm tall
Then patient's body mass index is 23

It is stored in src/test/resources/stories, which is reflected in the pom.xml:


The steps class is:

public class MetricBMICalculatorSteps {
    private HealthRecord healthRecord;
    private MetricBMICalculator bmiCalculator;
    private BodyMassIndex bmi;

    @Given("a body mass index calculator")
    public void initBMICalculator() {
        bmiCalculator = new MetricBMICalculator();

    @When("a doctor populates health record of a patient with mass $weight kg and $height cm tall")
    public void populateHealthRecord(@Named("weight") float weight, @Named("height") float height) {
        healthRecord = new ISUHealthRecord();
        bmi = bmiCalculator.calculate(healthRecord);

    @Then("Then patient's body mass index is $bmi")
    public void checkBmi(@Named("bmi") double bmiValue) {
        Assert.assertEquals(bmiValue, bmi.value());

My Embedder is:

public class MyEmbedder extends Embedder {

    // --- Constants -----------------------------------------------------------

    private Configuration configuration;

    // --- Constructors --------------------------------------------------------

    public MyEmbedder() {
        configuration = loadConfiguration();

    // --- Methods -------------------------------------------------------------

    public Configuration configuration() {
        return configuration;

    // Here we specify the steps classes
    public List<CandidateSteps> candidateSteps() {
        // varargs, can have more that one steps classes
        return new InstanceStepsFactory(configuration(), new MetricBMICalculatorSteps()).createCandidateSteps();

    // --- Methods (Auxiliary) -------------------------------------------------

    private Configuration loadConfiguration() {
        Configuration configuration = new MostUsefulConfiguration();
        configuration.useStepMonitor(new SilentStepMonitor());

        return configuration;

    // where to find the stories
    private StoryLoader loadStoryLoader() {
        return new LoadFromRelativeFile(

    private StoryReporterBuilder loadStoryReporterBuilder() {
        // CONSOLE and TXT reporting
        StoryReporterBuilder storyReporterBuilder = new StoryReporterBuilder();
        storyReporterBuilder.withFormats(Format.CONSOLE, Format.TXT);
        return storyReporterBuilder;

    public void runStory(String story) {
        if (story != null && story.endsWith(".story")) {
        } else {
            throw new RuntimeException("Problem locating .story file:" + story);

When I try to run it with:

String storyRelativePath = "health/steps/MetricBMICalculator.story";
MyEmbedder eclipseEmbedder = new MyEmbedder(storyRelativePath);

it seems to me that the steps file is not executed whatsoever (at least during debugging the execution doesn't stop on the breakpoints in the steps class which I put). Here is the output from the execution:

Processing system properties {}

Using 1 threads
Running story health/steps/MetricBMICalculator.story

Generating reports view to 'D:\workspace\bg-jug-bdd\jug-bdd-jbehave-maven\target\jbehave'

using formats `[stats, console, txt]`

and view properties
{defaultFormats=stats, decorateNonHtml=true, viewDirectory=view, decorated=ftl/jbehave-report-decorated.ftl, reports=ftl/jbehave-reports-with-totals.ftl, maps=ftl/jbehave-maps.ftl, navigator=ftl/jbehave-navigator.ftl, views=ftl/jbehave-views.ftl, nonDecorated=ftl/jbehave-report-non-decorated.ftl}
Reports view generated with 2 stories (of which 0 pending)  containing 0 scenarios (of which 0 failed and 0 pending)

Does anyone have a clue what I am supposed to do in order to run that story?

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Mauro Talevi answered this in a mailing list:

You're missing the stats, which are used in the report generation. You can either invoke withDefaultFormats() on the StoryReporterBuilder, or add Format.STATS directly to withFormats().

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I fixed the issue.

The example (and the code in general) are provided as resources to the talk I gave to the June meeting of the Bulgarian Java User Group.

The presentation is available on slideshare.

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how did you fix the issue? I am running into the same, no matter what it doesn't run my stories.. –  endless Feb 16 at 6:20
Hi, Don't remember right now, but you can have a look at my final solution for the presentation's example (see my previous comment) and compare it with your case. I guess you'll find where are mistaking. You can see my code here: bg-jug-resource-repository.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/2011-06-15/… –  shadrik Feb 28 at 20:53

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