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I am building a mobile application in Flex 4.5 and from this app I would like to start the device's native navigation tool, like Google Navigation for example.

Is there a way to open the Navigation App using Flex 4.5?

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As far as I knew, there was no way to launch other applications from a mobile Flex App.

Some native apps can be opened using URLs. It is, basically, the Flash Platform version of saying "Let the OS Handle it." If you HTTP link to a video, for example, it may open in a native player or it may open in the browser.

You can open the native text messaging program using sms as the protocol. As far as I know, there is no universal URL to open navigation services.

This post alludes to the fact that linking to maps.google.com will do it.

You can look into using the AIR Geolocation services APIs; but that is intended for in-app usage not launching other apps.

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You can try using StageWebView to open up google maps or something. I don't think there's a way to open the native navigation app because it might not be there and they're different for each device.

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