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I had to work with a new webhost and I noticed that my regular Mootools 1.3 Request.HTML, ie:

var makeRequest = new Request.HTML({
             method: 'get',
             url: 'data.html',

would not work, when it would work with data.php,

or :

var myrequest = $(dorequest).get('href');
                 var myReq = new Request.HTML({
url: myrequest,
 method: 'get',

with the following html :

<a href="testlink.html" class="makeRequest" >Get HTML</a>

Settings :

PHP 5.2 through an htaccess

Mootools 1.3.2

I guess it is related to the web server settings, but I am not so sure.

Could someone suggest an explanation ?

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What do you mean by "would not work"? –  CodeZombie Jun 7 '11 at 7:39
The HTML page called doesn't show up. –  anna mae Jun 7 '11 at 20:34

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Things you can do:

  • Register event handlers for the "failure" and "exception" events of the Request object and check the event arguments for more information about the error that might have occurred.

  • Compare the headers of the HTTP request and response for the both files (*.php and *.html). They might be different, causing the server to return two different responses.

  • Provide us with the complete code, the snippets posted are not complete.

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I think the answer is very simple. Some webhosts have strict policies concerning XMLHttpRequest. Some even block all XHR. My webhost must have a middle-ground policy. –  anna mae Aug 16 '11 at 10:02

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