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I met a problem with sum function: the data have a datetime column and I want to get sum of who's datetime is max. And also there's anoher group condition. So I do like:

  1. Add formula maxDatetime: Maximum({datetime}, {groupcondition})
  2. Add new formula for sum ValueToSum: if({datetime} = {@maxDatetime}) then value else 0
  3. Sum the value, add new formula totalValue: Sum({@valueToSum}, {groupcondition})

The result is the sum can't be processed, it says: 'valueToSum can't be sumed'.

I think the causor may be using a maximum value as a condition in step 2. Because when use 1 = 1 to replace the condition, there's no problem.

Can anyone give some advice?

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We usually solve such kind of problems by creating additional queries and linking them to main data. Because Crystal Reports does only two passes over data - record reading and aggregate calculation, it can't easily aggregate over already aggregated values.

Another possibility is to accumulate your 'totalvalue' into variable. Something like next may work (needs tweaking probably):

NumberVar totalvalue;
If ({datetime} = Maximum({datetime}, {groupcondition})) 
then totalvalue:=totalvalue+value 
else 0

This formula (which displays totalvalue) needs to placed into group footer:

NumberVar totalvalue

Somewhere in group header you need another one to reset totalvalue:

NumberVar totalvalue:=0
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Yes, that's what I need. Thank you very much! :) And I've finally solve this problem in the first way. – Lory_yang Jun 4 '11 at 6:13
Awesome advice with the second suggestion (WhilePrintingRecords, etc). Upvote this guy more often! I upvoted him from 0 to 1. He should have more than that. :) – JustLooking Nov 15 '12 at 15:07

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