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I'm using DirectoryIterator class to list ftp content: $a = new DirectoryIterator('ftp://user:password@host');

If there is an at "@" character in login, i get an error: failed to open dir: operation failed

How i can escape @ symbol in login?

I try: %40, + \@

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RFC1738 mandates the special characters like @ should be urlencoded in the ftp:// scheme. So using %40 in place of the @ in a password fragement would be correct.

But you just wanted the user:password@ prefix before the hostname. Those don't need escaping. And it's already natively supported by the ftp fopen url wrapper:

$d = opendir("ftp://anonymous:nopwd@ftp.kernel.org/pub/");
print readdir($d);

Above ftp:// url works for me with DirectoryIterator too, but gives some obscure warning and different results. So I would test with the native functions first.

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I am not that sure you can use DirectoryIterator as FTP client

You may want to learn how to use ftp_rawlist to get a list of the given directory

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