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Here is the deal. I found a source code and changed it a little bit so i can retrieve data from a receiver that is on com6. The data i am receiving is binary. What i want is to convert it to a hex string so i can cut parts of the string and decode them seperately. how can i do this?

using System;
using System.IO.Ports;
using System.Threading;
public class PortChat
    static bool _continue;
    static SerialPort _serialPort;
    public static void Main()
        string name;
        string message;
        StringComparer stringComparer = StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase;
        Thread readThread = new Thread(Read);

        // Create a new SerialPort object with default settings.
        _serialPort = new SerialPort();

        // Allow the user to set the appropriate properties.
        _serialPort.PortName = SetPortName(_serialPort.PortName);
        _serialPort.BaudRate = SetPortBaudRate(_serialPort.BaudRate);
        _serialPort.Parity = SetPortParity(_serialPort.Parity);
        _serialPort.DataBits = SetPortDataBits(_serialPort.DataBits);
        _serialPort.StopBits = SetPortStopBits(_serialPort.StopBits);
        _serialPort.Handshake = SetPortHandshake(_serialPort.Handshake);

        // Set the read/write timeouts
        _serialPort.ReadTimeout = 1000;
        _serialPort.WriteTimeout = 1000;

        _continue = true;

        Console.Write("Name: ");
        name = Console.ReadLine();

        Console.WriteLine("Type QUIT to exit");

        while (_continue)
            message = Console.ReadLine();

            if (stringComparer.Equals("quit", message))
                _continue = false;
                    String.Format("<{0}>: {1}", name, message));


    public static void Read()
        while (_continue)


                string message = _serialPort.ReadLine();

            catch (TimeoutException) { }

    public static string SetPortName(string defaultPortName)
        string portName;

            portName = "COM6";

        return portName;

    public static int SetPortBaudRate(int defaultPortBaudRate)
        string baudRate;

        baudRate = "9600";

        return int.Parse(baudRate);

    public static Parity SetPortParity(Parity defaultPortParity)
        string parity;

        parity = "None";

        return (Parity)Enum.Parse(typeof(Parity), parity);

    public static int SetPortDataBits(int defaultPortDataBits)
        string dataBits;

        dataBits = "8";

        return int.Parse(dataBits);

    public static StopBits SetPortStopBits(StopBits defaultPortStopBits)
        string stopBits;

        stopBits = "One";

        return (StopBits)Enum.Parse(typeof(StopBits), stopBits);

    public static Handshake SetPortHandshake(Handshake defaultPortHandshake)
        string handshake;

        handshake = "None";

        return (Handshake)Enum.Parse(typeof(Handshake), handshake);
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why you reposted? you would have edited that post only. Show how you are receiving and how you want to convert it to?? – Umesh CHILAKA Jun 2 '11 at 12:50
possible duplicate of C# binary data conversion to string – SwDevMan81 Jun 2 '11 at 12:53
my mistake reposted again – jayt csharp Jun 2 '11 at 12:54
Just so you know. All data you receive is binary. This is the reason using code without understanding it is a bad idea. – Ramhound Jun 2 '11 at 13:04
when i use _SerialPort.ReadLine() and then console.write it I get a screen of random characters and symbols that dont make sense. What i want is take that binary data packets convert them to a hex string and then manipulate it. – jayt csharp Jun 2 '11 at 13:09

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Try this

    string Data = "123";
    string hex = "";
    foreach (char c in Data)
        hex += String.Format("{0:x2}", (byte)c);

hex contains string as you wanted

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Look at the BitConverter.ToString() method

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