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How do we distinguish between process model and process framework (like CMMI). How they relate each other?

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Your question can be answered by distinguishing the terms model and framework. Do you know the meaning in other contexts? For example, do you know the difference between programming model and programming framework?

To clarify, let's first answer my own question. A model is a more tangible way for describing a concept. But a framework, is a collection of tools, metrics, etc. to make sth. In the context of programming, a programming model is a way you describe your program code. For example, using the imperative programming model, you can describe someone how your program is run. On the other hand, a programming framework, is a collection of debuggers, profilers, compilers, testers, etc. (e.g. .Net Framework) to help you make your programs easier.

The same story is true for processes. A process model is a way you can describe the execution of your process. It may contains its activities, transitions, roles, etc. On the other hand, a process framework, e.g. CMMI, is a collection of goals, practices, sub-practices, CLs, appraisal methods, etc to help you implement a mature process.

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