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I'm attempting to execute the following bash command on some images using Ruby:

class Pingcrush
  def initialize
    Dir.foreach('drawable') do |item|
      next if item == '.' or item == '..'
      # do work on real items
      if item.end_with?(".png") then
        %x["wine pngcrush.exe -brute drawable/#{item} new/#{item}"]

The directory I am in is the parent to both drawable and new, however, when when I attempt to run the script I always get the same error:

sh: wine pngcrush.exe -brute drawable/feed_cl.png new/feed_cl.png: not found

Why is this happening? I tried switching around the path I'm calling in Ruby and can't seem to make this work.

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Its executing your shell but can't find wine. Try setting the full path to where wine is installed.

which wine
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I've tried this. doesn't seem to have fixed it. Same error. –  Aidanc Jun 2 '11 at 14:38
@Aidanc, you should give the full path for wine and your exe file (pngcrush.exe). –  Mr. Black Jun 3 '11 at 2:57

Don't put quotes around your command.

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You have checked that wine pngcrush.exe -brute drawable/feed_cl.png new/feed_cl.png works when you type it from the command line, haven't you?

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