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I am using the following code to see if user have internet connection (WIFI or 3G or Edge). Why does some users get "No internet connection" when they do have it?

  ConnectivityManager connec =  (ConnectivityManager)getSystemService(Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE);
            State wifi = connec.getNetworkInfo(1).getState();

  if (connec.getNetworkInfo(0).getState() == NetworkInfo.State.CONNECTED ||
    connec.getNetworkInfo(1).getState() == NetworkInfo.State.CONNECTING || 
    wifi == NetworkInfo.State.CONNECTED || wifi == NetworkInfo.State.CONNECTING ) {
            }else if ( connec.getNetworkInfo(0).getState() == NetworkInfo.State.DISCONNECTED ||   connec.getNetworkInfo(1).getState() == NetworkInfo.State.DISCONNECTED   ) {
} catch (Throwable t){
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My guess would be that connec.getNetworkInfo(0) and connec.getNetworkInfo(1) aren't always valid for the wifi/3g network interfaces. Try checking the 'TypeName' of the interfaces. I use this code...

public boolean HaveNetworkConnection() {
    boolean HaveConnectedWifi = false;
    boolean HaveConnectedMobile = false;

    ConnectivityManager connManager = (ConnectivityManager) appContext.getSystemService(Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE);
    NetworkInfo[] netInfo = connManager.getAllNetworkInfo();
    for (NetworkInfo ni : netInfo) {
        Log.d("HaveNetworkConnection()", ni.toString());
        if (ni.getTypeName().equalsIgnoreCase("WIFI"))
            if (ni.isConnected())
                HaveConnectedWifi = true;
        if (ni.getTypeName().equalsIgnoreCase("MOBILE"))
            if (ni.isConnected())
                HaveConnectedMobile = true;
    return HaveConnectedWifi || HaveConnectedMobile;
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