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we're trying to get the URL of a product within a category, and have this code:

$_categories = $_relatedProduct->getCategoryIds();
$_category = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load($_categories[0]);
$url = $this->getUrl($_category->getUrlPath()).'/'.$_relatedProduct->getUrlPath();

The problem is that, on our development server, the call to $category->getUrlPath() doesn't return a value with a trailing slash, but it does on our production server. Does anybody know whether there's a config option we need to set so the returned values are consistent?

Edit: Just to clarify, the issue is that the generated URLs appear like this on on development server:


but like this on the live server:

http://liveserver.com/category//product (two slashes after category)

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Seems, you have re-write rule in .htaccess on production and option to incluide / in category URLs. So, it doubles slashes at the end )

I have the same ;)

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Edit2: Updated answer was off base

Is your base URL the same on both? I'd check there - I would imagine it has a trailing slash on one of them.

Edit: You can check in core_config_data table or through the interface - I just don't have Mage on my dev computer to check!

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It's not the same, no, as they're different sites, but they both have a trailing slash. However, the issue isn't there - see my edit above –  Andy Jun 2 '11 at 15:34
@Andy updated my answer! –  Nic Jun 2 '11 at 16:48

Not sure if this is an answer, but on another system (not Magento related) we had this double slash problem that was traced to a difference in URL rewrites and another in the Apache server configurations between the two systems. Happened so long ago I've forgotten exactly what, but I'd know where to look.

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I solved the problem this way: browse to System > Index Management and select the Catalog Url Rewrites to refresh them. The double slash disappear.

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