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I have access to a page template but no access to the header template (don't ask me how!), I need to create an instant page redirect on that template. It's needs to open in a new window.

It doesn't really matter how it's done just that it opens in a new window and please bear in mind I don't have access to the header template.

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Are you wanting to do this via html and javascript? –  Terrance Jun 2 '11 at 15:40
Any way to be honest! –  Rob Jun 2 '11 at 15:42

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I could be a bit off here (please correct me if i am) but,
you just the page to open a new page then something like this

See this for detailed usage of window.open.

You can pass html into the function as well.

<body onload="window.open(yourwindow)">

Or if you were just wanting a redirect to an existing page then

See this for detailed usage of window.location.

<body onload=window.location='www.yourlocation.com'>

Pass that whatever you want for parameters into the url.

Or if you were looking to grab some info from the page before you transition then you could just write a function that grabs the data you need from the header and pass that to the new page.

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