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I'm trying to add IPv6 support to an application written with Twisted, which unfortunately does not support IPv6. There's a three-year-old ticket for this in Twisted's trac, but it seems to be stuck in debate with no indication of progress any time soon.

Ideally I'd like existing reactor methods like listenTCP and connectTCP to simply work, i.e. connectTCP would accept either IPv4 or IPv6 addresses and deal with the socket differences behind the scenes. The ticket does include a patch to do this, but it's rather old, and completely untested, so not really suitable for a production app, except as a reference point.

Before I spend a lot of time writing my own patch, I'm wondering whether anyone else has dealt with this, and if so, how.

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Not yet. It's planned though, and a lot of work has gone into it so far.

Please see the ticket in order to see what the status is (pay particular attention to the current description before you get lost in the comments), and to help out getting it completed.

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