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I'm trying to use libpcap that was compiled with pf_ring. I got the sources from ntop, and compiled it.

However, there's something I don't understand (sorry for the newbie linking question): I wanted to know if my application used the correct pcap version (the one with pfring), so I typed ldd and didn't see pcap at all, only pfring.

I looked at the output and saw only and not pcap, although I dynamically linked to both libs.

I looked at the Makefile of libpcap and saw it linked statically with pfring.a. I thought I don't have to link with pfring at all, because it's a part of pcap, but got undefined reference.

Does anyone know why I get the undefined reference error and why don't I see libpcap in the ldd output when I link to it dynamically?

Thanks, Ron

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