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I'm looking to run a linux command that will recursively compare two directories and output only the file names of what is different. This includes anything that is present in one directory and not the other or vice versa, and text differences.


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From the diff man page:

-q   Report only whether the files differ, not the details of the differences.
-r   When comparing directories, recursively compare any subdirectories found.

Example command:

diff -qr dir1 dir2

Example output (depends on locale):

$ ls dir1 dir2
same-file  different  only-1

same-file  different  only-2
$ diff -qr dir1 dir2
Files dir1/different and dir2/different differ
Only in dir1: only-1
Only in dir2: only-2
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On my linux system to get just the filenames

diff -q /dir1 /dir2|cut -f2 -d' '
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This does not work for paths that contain spaces. –  michuelnik Dec 4 '14 at 20:09
I don't put filenames with spaces on my linux system. ;) –  gerardw Dec 4 '14 at 20:28
I did not mean to impute this to you... ;-p Just as a hint for somebody who does... –  michuelnik Dec 5 '14 at 16:34

If you want to get a list of files that are only in one directory and not their sub directories and only their file names:

diff -q /dir1 /dir2 | grep /dir1 | grep -E "^Only in*" sed -n 's/[^:]*: //p'

If you want to recursively list all the files and directories that are different with their full paths:

diff -rq /dir1 /dir2 | grep -E "^Only in /dir1*" | sed -n 's/://p' | awk '{print $3"/"$4}'

This way you can apply different commands to all the files.

For example I could remove all the files and directories that are in dir1 but not dir2:

diff -rq /dir1 /dir2 | grep -E "^Only in /dir1*" | sed -n 's/://p' | awk '{print $3"/"$4}' xargs -I {} rm -r {}
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You can also use rsync

rsync -rv --size-only --dry-run /my/source /my/dest > diff.out
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