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I am relatively new to C# and I am having a little trouble.

I am creating a program where I want to load a file from the command line. For example:

MyProgram.exe C:\ExcelDocument.xls
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in the Main method of your program the args string array parameter to the method will contain any command line parameters. The args array will contain 1 value for each space separated element that is not enclosed in quotes (")


myprograme.exe c:\my documents\file1.xls 

will result in 2 args:



myprograme.exe "c:\my documents\file1.xls"

will result in 1 value in args:

c:\my documents\file1.xls

you can access the params via the indexer:

string file = args[0];

assuming that the file is the first argument.

obviously you will still need to load the actual file, this will only give you the name give as a parameter to your program.

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That works great! Thanks! –  buzzzzjay Jun 2 '11 at 19:50
No problem, glad it helped. If this answers your question you should click the tick under the voting buttons to the left of the questions to mark it as the accepted answer. –  Sam Holder Jun 2 '11 at 20:09

you can retrieve the file by using args[0].

public static void Main(string [] args)
    //This will print the first argument you passed in on command line.
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