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My OpenGL scene occationally screws up its render states. Which ones would be likely cause this to happen?

I have a scene in my Android app that uses Java and C++ OpenGL calls and it sometimes gets screwed up.

The meshes in the scene suddenly appear strangely inside-out and lose their texturing. I'm not an OpenGL expert by any means and I'm not sure of what's causing it. Which OpenGL renderstages could cause those problems?

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You may have switched culling mode, disabled depth testing, cleared the depth buffer, etc. To avoid such problems you should always set OpenGL state as needed. OpenGL is a state machine, which means, the states are there to be set whenever you need it. If a particular mesh needs texturing enabled, depth testing, and backfaces culled, you should set exactly this state beforehand.

Similar applies to projection and modelview matrices. Those initialization functions setting OpenGL state and projection in a reshape handler you find often in tutorials are extremely bad style and should be avoided.

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It may be related to the FrontFace property, it determines which direction is 'inside' and which is 'outside' in your mesh. It's in the Set Material Parameters stage according to this document.

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