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how i can find the "abc" from this tag through JAVA code and SAX parser.

<first name="abc">My Text<first>

for example i am using the java code given below to find "My Text" from the above tag.

NodeList firstNameList = firstPersonElement.getElementsByTagName("first");
Element firstNameElement = (Element)firstNameList.item(0);
String type = firstPersonElement.getTextContent();

NodeList textFNList = firstNameElement.getChildNodes();
System.out.println("First Name : " + 

but i don't know how to find "abc" from <first name="abc">My Text<first>

I searched by myself but i didn't find my exact solution.

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You are using DOM, not SAX. – Michael Kay Jun 3 '11 at 7:11
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name="abc" is an attribute of the first element.

String name = firstNameElement.getAttribute("name"); // "abc"
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Thank you so much. Although I checked this method before this post, but i guess i tried in some wrong way. but thanks you provides the solution. – Mähboob Khökhar Jun 2 '11 at 18:03

You are using DOM (Document Object Model), and not SAX (Simple API for XML).

Once you have an element, you can access the 'element.getAttribute("name")' to get the value you want.

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