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In the official Office 2007 site there are numerous reference to Filter Web Parts. When I try to add one of them, the Web Part list in my Sharepoint doesn't show any Filter Web Parts.

Please post if anyone experienced the same and any resolution.


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in MOSS activate the Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features Feature

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Maybe you are using wss 3.0 ( Windows SharePoint services) and not the MOSS 2007? wss does not have filter web parts.

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As Nico said they belong to MOSS Enterprise. They can be added by clicking on the new button in the web-part gallery and select the correct classes, or by uploading the WebPart definition files from %CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\BizAppsSiteTemplates\dwp.

I don't know if this is against the license agreement or not.

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So if you are using WSS 3.0 and not MOSS 2007 by now you know why you do not have any filter webparts; to solve the problem you could install some freely available filter webparts: try the Dropdown Filter Web Part for SharePoint or the List Item Filter webpart of e-office

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Preconfigured Filter webpart are only available in MOSS Enterprise.
However, you can create your own, the framework is there (in fact you can import themin a MOSS Std and it will work).

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We are using MOSS 2007 but had to follow JMDs instruction to load them manually.

Thanks to all of you.

This is very valuable.

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you can see all available webparts in site settings --> webparts --> click on NEW if you dont see them there you

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