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Are there any guides for this? Can I send music links to an mp3 player with javascript, build queues, etc? I wish I could do this with the HTML5 audio tags, but the browser compatibility is just ridiculous right now.

Edit, to clarify the playlists/queues would be built by the user as they are browsing music, not some pre-generated playlist. Thanks.

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Playlists are often text formats. But which of them highly depends on the player software that you want to use.

The most common textual formats are .pls and .m3u, and only occasionally .xspf. If it's a flash player, then the input list might just be a space separated object params list. I don't see why it also couldn't just consume an RSS feed with mp3 urls, or even poll an json feed.

Here's one using an XSPF playlist: http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/

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