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I need to implement a text link that triggers a message box.


  • When I click on the link, the box appears from top of the page (unfolding). The box has 0.9 of opacity.
  • When the box has opened, it waits 5 seconds and then fades out.
  • If I click inside the box while it's open, it fades out.
  • If I click on the link (the one that triggered the box) while the box is open, it happens nothing.
  • Of course, the user can click many times on the link and

My approach:

  • At the beggining, I position the box at top:-150px (its height) and make it invisible.
  • When the user clicks on the link, I find out if the box is visible. If it's, I do nothing (to meet 4th premise).
  • If it's not visible, then I build this fx queue: animate its top position to 0px -> delay of 5 seconds -> fade out -> set its top position to -150px (start position).
  • If the user clicks inside the box, I clear fx queue, make the box to fade out and then set its top position to -150px (start position).


link to jsFiddle

$.extend($.fn, {

    // Method to open the box
    openMessage: function() {
        var elem = $(this);
        if (!elem.is(":visible")) {
            elem.fadeTo(0, 0.9).animate({
                top: 0
            }).delay(10000).fadeOut(1000, function() {
                elem.css("top", "-150px");

    // Method to close the box when clicking inside it
    closeOnClick: function() {
        var elem = $(this);

        elem.click(function() {
            elem.clearQueue().fadeOut("fast", function() {
                elem.css("top", "-150px");


// Text link opens the box
$("#open_message").click(function(e) {

// Clicking in the message will close it

My problem:

Everything goes ok, the box unfolds, waits 5 seconds and then fades out. Problems come when I click inside the box. It fades out, ok, but from this moment the pauses are lower than 5 seconds. If I don't click inside the box, it always wait 5 sedons, from the moment I click inside the box, the pauses are shorter.

My question: What I'm doing wrong? I guess it's a queue issue, but I can't find where is the mistake.


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It sounds like the issue is where you are doing the delay. I would use setTimeout/clearTimeout:

var t;

    t = setTimeout(hideBox, 5000);

    t = setTimeout(hideBox, 5000);
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