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I have a combo with a list of strings in the select list. If the user pulldown list of strings, some foreground color will be black (standard) and other defined strings should the foreground color green or red. How do I render this in order to achieve this? I think that must be solved with ComboViewer, but I have no idea?

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A SWT Combo doesn't provide this functionality, which is due to the native widgets used for Combo, I believe.

That's why there is a widget in Nebula, which adds such features by internally using a Table to draw the Combo. See here for screenshots and information how to use it.

(Nebula is a collection of useful custom widgets for SWT.)

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In SWT / JFace it must give the possibility to manipulate the Foreground of a drop-down list of a Combo / ComboViewer. I want to point the user through the various colors, notice is the current status of the objects. It must be possible after all?

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