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hi i wrote a script to copy a CAB file via FTP from the distant server to the Mobile. This is all working fine and the size matches. Now my problem is when i am trying to install the file on the Mobile, i receive the message "the install was unsuccessful" and when i copy directly from the server to the Mobile this is working Can you help me with this :-(


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You say the file size is the same, but what about contents? Are the files identical? How are you transferring the CAB to the device manually? Over ActiveSync/WMDC? BE aware that ActiveSync may modify a file during transfer - especially if the CAB is signed and the device doesn't require signed CABs.

See this SO question for some background/similar behavior.

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i am using OpenNETCF.Net.Ftp to copy the file via FTP. Manually mean i copy the file from my server and i paste it to my computer then i copy the same file into the Mobile that is working fine. It is the file copy via OpenNETCF.Net.Ftp who is not working . i just want to make the update of my application directely from the distant server .. – eric akle Jun 2 '11 at 20:03
Again, do a binary compare of the working and non-working CAB. – ctacke Jun 2 '11 at 20:19
the size of the CAB file on the server is 1.07 MB (1,129,122 bytes) and when i use OpenNETCF.Net.Ftp to copy the file is 1.09 MB (1,150,368.00 bytes) it is bigger i don't know why and it is not working thanks for your help – eric akle Jun 2 '11 at 21:04

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