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I'm struggling to find any good library for Amazon FPS for Ruby language, and so I'm looking for a suggestion on a good explanation (other than amazon docs) or perhaps a tutorial to get me up to speed quickly with Amazon FPS.

What I am looking for is information on how to set up user registration form and do recurring payments which vary in amount charged to the user.

I've already wasted 4 hours going through amazon docs and received a lot of errors when sticking to their information, and the only result I got is getting hungry.

As a side note, I've set up sandbox business account and Amazon keeps notifying me that I did not set up sandbox business account.

Could someone possibly please redirect me to some insightful resources on using Amazon FPS but different than crappy sample FPS apps, and twisted amazon documentation ?

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There's a Ruby Library called Remit for working with Amazon Flexible Payment Service (FPS) and a blog post with someone's experiences working with it and some samples. I'm new to Stack Overflow and not allowed to use hyperlinks yet :) but if you search RubyForge for "remit" and google for the string "Software as a Service with Amazon FPS using Remit for Ruby" you should be able to find them. Find it here.

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