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I am trying to build my solution and am getting a "'VirtualMarchRegistrationDAL' is ambiguous" error. I have yet to find anything helpful on any forums. Here is the code that is being used:

Private Function submitRegistration() As Boolean
    Dim firstName As String
    Dim lastName As String
    Dim emailAddress As String
    Dim zip As String

    firstName = firstNameTxt.Text
    lastName = lastNameTxt.Text
    emailAddress = emailTxt.Text
    zip = zipTxt.Text

    Return VirtualMarchRegistrationDAL.addRegistration(firstName, lastName, emailAddress, zip)

End Function

The error is occurring on the return statement. The DAL that it is referring to is located in the App_Code folder.

Thanks for your help, 2Rhino53

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You seem to have multiple accessible items with the name of VirtualMarchRegistrationDAL. They are not necessary two classes. They might be a class and a namespace .. You have to check it out.

Try to use the fully qualified name of the class. Like the following:

NameSpaceName.VirtualMarchRegistrationDAL. ....
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Do you have 2 copies of the class in your project, perhaps in different namespaces? If both namespaces are imported, you would need to fully qualify any reference.

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