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I am running on a Win2K8R2 system that has Microsoft's NFS client installed in addition to the Windows CIFS client.

Given a UNC path (which the NFS client does support with caveats) I need to be able to tell if operations on the path would be handled by the CIFS or NFS client. WNetGetResourceInformation() would seem to provide this, but I have not been able to get it to work when the UNC path is to an NFS server.

Sample code:

int GetResourceInformation(TCHAR* path, void* buffer, DWORD* size)
    TCHAR* p = NULL;
    memset(&nr, 0, sizeof(nr));

    nr.lpRemoteName = path;

    DWORD dwRetVal = WNetGetResourceInformation(&nr, buffer, size, &p);

    if(dwRetVal == NO_ERROR)
        NETRESOURCE* tmp = (NETRESOURCE*)buffer;
        wprintf(L"%s provider=%s system=%s\n", path, tmp->lpProvider, (p == NULL) ? L"<null>" : p);
        wprintf(L"WNetGetResourceInformation failed for %s with error: %u\n", path, dwRetVal);

    return dwRetVal;

I have also tried filling in the NETRESOURCE lpProvider and/or dwType fields as suggested in the doc but with no change in behavior.

If I pass the function a CIFS UNC path it succeeds. If I pass it an NFS UNC path it fails with error 487 "Attempt to access invalid address.". I also tried passing the native NFS path style hostname:/export/file but this fails with error 67 "The network name cannot be found."

I found the following sample for using WNetAddConnection2() with NFS but this code also fails for me with error 50 "The request is not supported". I can successfully mount the export using either "net use" command or the NFS-specific mount.exe tool provided by Microsoft.

Finally, WNetOpenEnum/WNetEnumResource does not return any NFS provider information for me or even show any connected drives that I have mapped via "net use" or mount.exe.

My general question is, has anyone had better success using the the WNet APIs with the NFS provider? Specifically, is there some mechanism I can use to determine the provider for a remote path?

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Are you building as x86 or x64? It looks like the WNet* API's don't work correctly for NFS shares from an x86 process under WOW64. You can see this without writing code - if you have an NFS share mounted, "C:\windows\system32\net use" will show it, where "C:\windows\syswow64\net use" will not. Filesystem access seems OK the 32-bit process, but none of the APIs work.

Even built as x64, using a NULL lpProvider is inconsistent for me. Half the time it doesn't work, the other half it waits about 5 seconds before returning.

Calling WNetGetResourceInformation twice, once with a lpProvider of "NFS Network" and once with "Microsoft Windows Network" works consistently and returns instantly.

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