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I have a situation where I have a service subscribing to event messages and performing some work when they arrive. There is a certain class of events which can arrive in short bursts of many events which reference the same underlying data. I would like to be able to defer processing of related events for a short period of time, so that I only do the calculation once for each batch of related events, rather than in response to each individual event. Is there some kind of pattern I can follow which will allow me to collect related events for a period of time and then process them all at once? I was thinking a saga + timeout might be able to achieve this, but not sure if this is an appropriate use for that.


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Yes, a saga could be the way to go - however consider the performance of the saga persistence (NHibernate over a DB in the current version, RavenDB in the next version) as compared to your fault-tolerance needs (if a machine crashes, would it be acceptable to lose some messages).

No easy answers, I'm afraid.

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