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How can edges and nodes be styled using graphviz dot with doubled lines as shown the in the "LEGAL" and "TAX DISC" nodes of the following diagram?

ER Diagram

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Doubled shapes can be done by using [peripheries=2] on the node

Doubled edges can be done by specifying more than one colour for the edge, separated by a colon. In this case use the same colour twice: [color="black:black"] (or, to separate them slightly more, do [color="black:white:black"])

I got there eventually! Sorry for the "evolutionary" nature of this answer :-)

So for example

graph G {
    Foo [peripheries=2]
    Foo -- Bar [color="black:white:black"]
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Perfect! Thank you. –  Judge Maygarden Jun 3 '11 at 19:59

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