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I am tring to Load a single Business object based on properties in its related object. In this case there is an ExtendedMaterial which has a single relationship to Material and to Plant.

this method is on an AppServer class. When I run the attached test with this code I get the correct result and a passing test but if I uncomment the line Broker.GetBusinessObject<ExtendedMaterial>("Plant.PlantCode LIKE " + plantCode);

then I get the Exception Habanero.Base.Exceptions.InvalidPropertyNameException : The given property name 'PlantCode' does not exist in the collection of properties for the class 'ExtendedMaterial'

What am I doing wrong?

    public ExtendedMaterial GetExtendedMaterial(string materialCode, string plantCode)
      //  return Broker.GetBusinessObject<ExtendedMaterial>("Plant.PlantCode LIKE " + plantCode);
        return Broker.GetBusinessObjectCollection<ExtendedMaterial>("Plant.PlantCode LIKE " + plantCode).FirstOrDefault();


    public void GetExtendedMaterial_WhenExists_ShouldReturnExtendedMaterial()
        //---------------Set up test pack-------------------

        var material = CreateSavedMaterial();
        var plant = GetBOTestFactory<Plant>().CreateSavedBusinessObject();
        var extendedMaterial = CreateSavedExtendedMaterial(plant, material);
        IAppServer appServer = new AppServer(CreateDeviceManagerWithDevice());
        //---------------Assert Precondition----------------
        Assert.AreSame(plant, extendedMaterial.Plant);
        Assert.AreSame(material, extendedMaterial.Material);

        //---------------Execute Test ----------------------
        var actualExtendedMaterial = appServer.GetExtendedMaterial(material.Code, plant.PlantCode);
        //---------------Test Result -----------------------
        Assert.AreSame(extendedMaterial, actualExtendedMaterial);
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Hi @GloryDev. What version of Habanero are you using? – Mark Whitfeld Jun 3 '11 at 8:24
The latest trunk from sourceforge – GloryDev Jun 3 '11 at 10:15
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This does work if your DataAccessor is a DataAccessorDB but I noticed recently in some unit tests that it doesn't work against a DataAccessorInMemory. Try your test using a db and see if that works. If it doesn't please log a bug at

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Thanks Peter I logged as in Redmine – GloryDev Jun 3 '11 at 10:32
This issue has now been fixed and will be resolved in the next release of Habanero – Mark Whitfeld Sep 16 '11 at 13:11

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