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I try to add pipe in a mini-shell. I'm confused, when I type ls | sort, nothing is displayed, I don't understand why :

int fd[2];
if (tube == 1){

    int pipeling = pipe(fd);
    if (pipeling == -1){
        perror("pipe") ;

    tmp = fork();               //FORK A

    if (tmp < 0){

    if (tmp != 0) {                 //parent
                while(wait(0) != tmp) ;
                continue ;

    if (tube == 1) {                //there is a pipe

    if (tmp != 0){                  //parent A

        if (tmp == 0){              //Child A                     
            dup2(fd[1], 1);
            execv(mot[0], mot);

    int tmp2 = fork() ;             //FORK B

    if (tmp2 != 0) {                //Parent B
        while(wait(0) != tmp2) ;
        continue ;

    if (tmp2 == 0){                 //Child B
        dup2(fd[0], 0);
        execvp(mot[1], mot);


I've read all topics about that but it doesn't work. Can you help me ?

Edit : the second code, I try to change the structure.


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Check system calls for errors - you are at least dup2'ing a close'd fd at one point. What is "mot" ? My guess is that your execvp arguments are incorrect. – pilcrow Jun 2 '11 at 20:42
@pilcrow, I've edited the code, mot is command given on the command line. – lilawood Jun 3 '11 at 6:55
In your link, they use two pair of file descriptors, I don't understand why, fd[2] should works no ? – lilawood Jun 3 '11 at 7:05
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The second fork is not going to be reached in case execvp succeeds, because the latter should replace the image of the process and will stop executing the current code.

You have to restructure your program.

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