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When attempting to setup a Job Title the "add job title" buttons are hidden until text is entered. Using the following code to add a job title the disabled button does not become enabled.

browser.text_field(:name, "addJobTitleValue").set firstJobTitle

script referring to disabled button the actual button that stays hidden

Is there a way to set the text_field and have the button become enabled?

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Please provide link to the page, if it is public, or relevant HTML, I can not read the text at the screen shot. –  Željko Filipin Jun 3 '11 at 9:37
Zelijko Filipin, I don't want to sound like a smart you know what but you can always right-click and open the image in a new tab. For some reason it won't place the image at actual size. Let me know if you still need more information and I will get it to you. Thanks for your help on the issue. –  Curtis Miller Jun 3 '11 at 16:20
I tried clicking the image and it did not open in original size, so I thought this is original size. Right clicking worked. :) For future reference: screen shots are great, keep posting them, but copy/pasting relevant HTML helps too. In that case I can copy/paste the code you have provided in HTML file and try on my machine. Now I have to type it myself. –  Željko Filipin Jun 4 '11 at 12:11
what needs to be done to enable the field? When you are testing the page manually, you just click on the field and it becomes enabled? –  Željko Filipin Jun 4 '11 at 12:13

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By using the watir-webdriver versus firewatir I was able to use these lines of code to enable the button:

browser.text_field(:name, 'addJobTitleValue').clear
browser.text_field(:name, 'addJobTitleValue').fire_event 'onclick'
browser.text_field(:name, 'addJobTitleValue').send_keys firstJobTitle

This has solved the problem to me and convinced me officially to start the switch to watir-webdriver.

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I would expect that using one of firewatir's .fire_events would have had the same effect as the chosen answer, and avoided the need to swap over to watir-webdriver.


browser.text_field(:name, 'addJobTitleValue').fire_event("onclick")

replacing onclick with the other javascript events, until one triggers the button to be enabled.

Without an actual page to experiment with, I'd guess at .fire_event("onchange") or .fire_event("onkeydown") or .fire_event("onkeyup") being able to enable the button you wanted to press.

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