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I have names in the form of Lastname, Firstname. In my database I have a different field for both the first and last.

I would like to use PHP to read everything before the comma as the lastname and everything after the comma as the firstname. What is the best way to accomplish this?

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list($Lastname,$Firstname) = explode(",",$Name);   
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        $names = explode( "," , $allNames);
       // $names[0] and names[1] are first and last names
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with the explode function.

list($firstname, $lastname) = explode(',','Lastname, Firstname',2);
echo $firstname.' '.$lastname;
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If you'll use list();

while( list($fname,$lname) = explode(", ", $db->fetch() ) ) {
   echo $lname . " " . $fname . "<br />";

Without list() and assining an array;

$name = explode( ", ", $db->fetch()->nameField );
// may be you want to do something with that array
// do something
// echoing
foreach( $name as $fname=>$lname ) {
    echo $lname . " " . $fname . "<br />"
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As nobody has mentioned it yet, to expressly meet the question requirements, you'll need to use the third parameter to explode()

list($lastname, $firstname) = explode(',', $name, 2);
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