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I have just begun playing with MooTools, and I don't understand why the following happens:

var input = new Element('input');
input.set('value','this is the value');

results in: <input type=​"text">​, so setting the value hasn't worked.

But if I do this:

var input = new Element('input');
input.set('someValue','this is the value');

I get the expected result of <input type=​"text" somevalue=​"this is the value">​.

Am I overlooking something, is what I am trying to do not allowed, is this a bug in Chrome (11.0.696.71, OS X) or am I doing something else wrong?

Update: thanks for your answer! You are right, the value is actually being set; console.log(input.get('value')) gives back the proper value and I can see the value in the input field when I append the input object to the DOM.

Apparently, the value setting is just not reflected as an attribute of the HTML element, but only stored internally.

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Are you sure the value isn't being set?

What do you get when you call: input.get('value')

I tested this (in firefox) and even though the console just logs <input type=​"text"> the value does in fact get set. Try adding the element to the page and you'll see it :)

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Was just going to say the same thing with my fiddle –  Jeremy Heiler Jun 3 '11 at 1:37
Yep, that was the case. Now I'm curious; is this MooTools, or standard JavaScript behavior? Will leave that for some other time to find out :). Thanks for your help! –  Wilbo Baggins Jun 3 '11 at 1:48

I've had a similar problem with this 'red herring' which I've since solved, and thought I'd share. I'm trying to make certain cells of a table row editable when the user clicks on the row:

var cells = this.getElements("td");
for (var ix=0;ix<cells.length; ix++){
   if (cells[ix].hasClass("edType_text")){
      var celltext = cells[ix].get("text");
      var editTag = new Element ('input',{type:'text','value':celltext});

This seemed to work OK but when I clicked on the cell I couldn't edit it. Firebug and Chrome tools showed the added input tag as

<input type='text'>

instead of the expected:

<input type='text' value='xxxxxx' />

However this is perfectly normal as commented on above.

Spotted the 'deliberate' error ?

Of course when I clicked on the input field it triggered the mouse event on the row again, thus preventing me getting at the input!!!! :-{

To avoid this just add this line of code at the end of the if block:

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