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I have tried many ways to select an option with jquery including .val("0") .attr('selected', 'selected') and .attr('selected', 'true') and the TexoTela plugin. They all seem to update the html but the browser still shows the last item selected by the user.

Try out this fiddle... Select the dropdown value 1 and then click the link.

Is there any way to actually update the displayed value?

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You mean change which item is selected?


There are other ways, but this is the basic, following your example.


You can read up on the documenation for .val() here, and the snippet:

checks, or selects, all the radio buttons, checkboxes, and select options that match the set of values.

EDIT for jQuery Mobile

For jQuery Mobile you also need to refresh the select as mentioned in the mobile docs:

If you manipulate a select via JavaScript, you must call the refresh method on it to update the visual styling.

You can do this by:


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Looks like I had the selector messed up. Thanks for taking a look – user472749 Jun 3 '11 at 3:12
Looks like jQuery mobile was showing the old value which was throwing me off. Had to run .selectmenu('refresh', true); on it. – user472749 Jun 3 '11 at 3:20
Thanks for pointing that out! I updated the answer to include that info, and links to the mobile docs. – WSkid Jun 3 '11 at 3:26

You're setting the option value to zero.

Set the select not the option val


and you'll probably want to use an #id instead just a 'select' selector.

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Still use your .val("0") to set the value, and to update in the browser you have to use one of the following:




Just one will work, depending on how you create your select.

It's gonna be like:

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