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Quite often i have to download thw pdfs from webistes but sometimes they are not on one page. They have divided the links in pagination and i have to click on every page of get the links.

I am learning python and i want to code some script where i can put the weburl and it extracts the pdf links from that webiste.

I am new to python so can anyone please give me the directions how can i do it

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Pretty simple with urllib2, urlparse and lxml. I've commented things more verbosely since you're new to Python:

# modules we're using (you'll need to download lxml)
import lxml.html, urllib2, urlparse

# the url of the page you want to scrape
base_url = ''

# fetch the page
res = urllib2.urlopen(base_url)

# parse the response into an xml tree
tree = lxml.html.fromstring(

# construct a namespace dictionary to pass to the xpath() call
# this lets us use regular expressions in the xpath
ns = {'re': ''}

# iterate over all <a> tags whose href ends in ".pdf" (case-insensitive)
for node in tree.xpath('//a[re:test(@href, "\.pdf$", "i")]', namespaces=ns):

    # print the href, joining it to the base_url
    print urlparse.urljoin(base_url, node.attrib['href'])

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If there is a lot of pages with links you can try excellent framework -- Scrapy( It is pretty easy to understand how to use it and can download pdf files you need.

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