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iam getting a problem in auto increment that is . I declared auto increment and off set values as 5, 14 respectively in /etc/my.cnf file. and in creation of a table i declared auto increment.upto here every thing is fine. but wen iam ading a record it starts with 3 only.depending on auto_increment value the starting value in record is changing. it never starts with auto_increment value. please solve this problem. thanks in advance.

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on your create table statement, did you have AUTO_INCREMENT 14 – Ibu Jun 3 '11 at 5:27

auto increment always accept the greater value than the maximum present value in your table

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run this query on your table and you can set where the auto increment starts:


or to any value you need

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What do you get when you read your Auto-increment vars using:


Do you get the Values you set before?

notice that if the value of auto_increment_offset is greater than that of auto_increment_increment, the value of auto_increment_offset is ignored.

Read the Manual

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