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I would like to save up my current form (actually its part, a specific kind of crop image) look and use it as image on another silverlight control/page (dynamiccally and programatically obviously)

I have found a question here about this which is 2 years old and its answered there is no way to do so in SL2.0

Silverlight: Create image from silverlight controls

I wasn't able to find answer in internet so I am asking whether it is possible now in SL4.0?

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Use the WriteableBitmap class.

int PreviewWidth = 200;
int PreviewHeight = 200;
var writeableBitmap = new WriteableBitmap(PreviewWidth, PreviewHeight);
writeableBitmap.Render(<somecontrol>, null);
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looks pretty good! – Valentin Kuzub Jun 3 '11 at 7:42

In one of my WPF projects I use RenderTargetBitmap to render the contents of a control to a bitmap. I found that you can't use that in Silverlight, but I did a search and found a forum post mentioning that WriteableBitmap.Render might do a similar thing in Silverlight.

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