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Can anyone please explain the difference between plexus-classworlds and (plain) classworlds?

These two are confusing and can't see the difference. Plexus classworlds contains almost no description. Apparently, a maven-based Java project uses both, I don't understand why.

Is it possible to replace classworlds with plexus-classworlds without much hassle?

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I'm gonna answer that, even though the question is so old...

classworlds was migrated to plexus-classworlds, but the documentation on the site doesn't seem to keep up with that... the best docs I've seen was on classworlds 1.1-SNAPSHOT, although the current is plexus-classworlds 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT, and there is hardly any doc there.

if you look at plexus-classworlds, you can also see the original org.codehaus.classworlds package, with class comments like this:

A compatibility wrapper for org.codehaus.plexus.classworlds.launcher.Launcher provided for legacy code

which means that they thought about migration, but of course nothing replaces a thorough test.

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