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I have some query regarding hibernate,

Table : Employee_Master

Id Number Name Varchar Salary long


public class EmployeeMaster {

private int id ;
private String name;
private long salary;

//... all field s getter/ setter  methods


Now I want to get only name from such id.

SQL query like like:

select name from employee_master where id = 10;

But how can we achieve in hibernate the above same thing?

session.createQuery("from EmployeeMaster empMaster where = 10");

This solution I know but it will return whole pojo list. But I want only that field name so what should I do ?

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In HQL, you can simply ask for the one field:

String employeeName = session.createQuery("select from EmployeeMaster empMaster where = :id").setInteger("id",10).uniqueResult();
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This is working for me

String orderNo = (String) getCurrentSession().createQuery("select orderNumber from Asset where id = :id").setParameter("id", assetId).uniqueResult();

setInteger doesn't work for me then I used setParameter.

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You tagged nhibernate, but your reference to pojo's make me assume you're writing in Java. Are you using JPA? If so, consider using a native query...

EntityManager em ....
Query q = em.createNativeQuery("select from employee_master e where = ?");
q.setParamter(1, <employee id>);
String name = (String) q.getSingleResult();
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